Medical Devices

At JagoPro, we focus on more than just creating Personal Care products. We went a step further and has been successfully offering our customers a wide range of medical devices for over a dozen years. With the utmost care and full attention We control the entire product development cycle, up to the final production in accordance with the highest standards.

We can create for you medical devices that will take care of the protection of: the nose, ear, mouth, throat or skin, as well as the intimate zone.

We will create a unique formula for you, help you register it in accordance with the latest MDR regulation, select the packaging, and if you choose, we will become the responsible entity.


Analysis Department

  • Testing of starting materials
    for production
  • Interop analysis of the formula
  • Performing analyses

Quality Control Department

  • Detailed checking of component deliveries in accordance with
    the PN-ISO 2859-1 standard
  • Detailed product testing
    during production
  • Control of parametersand correctness
    of the production line settings
  • Inspection of the finished product in accordance with the PN-ISO 2859-1 standard and the act about packaged goods
  • Release of the finished product
    for the next stage of the order
    fulfillment process

Quality Assurance Department

  • Contact with customers and suppliers
    in matters related to quality, documentation
  • Development of production documentation
  • Supervision of customer audits and corrective actions
    and preventive
  • Releasing the finished product
    for trading and shipping